In September of 2012, Upton Baptist Church celebrated 25 years of being in Upton, but this was actually the last 25 years of a much longer life in the City.
So, where did it all begin?
We record here a brief history from our beginnings up to the present year

Pepper Street, City of Chester, July 1871
A group of people met to worship God in a small building, and, from that beginning, the congregation grew steadily until, in 1875, it virtually outgrew the building and a Building Fund was set up to finance new and larger premises.

Grosvenor Park Road,3 June 1879
Grosvenor Park Baptist Church Work started on the new building and on 13 July 1880, Grosvenor Park Baptist Church, as it became known, was officially opened. This was to be the church's home for several decades. The late 1950's saw a period of demolition in the area to make way for a road building programme, many people leaving the area as a consequence. In the late 1970's a decision was taken to move to one of the city's suburbs.

The move to Upton
In 1979, a plot of land was purchased from Chester Zoo and the congregation moved to Upton in September 1980. Now being known as Upton Baptist Church, the services were held in Upton Manor (now Upton Heath) Junior School whilst design and construction took place. The opening service was held in the new building in September 1987
The empty site
empty site
The frame under construction
frame under construction
The newly-finished building
the finished building in 1987

And after 25 years....
We continue to be a tangible testimony to the faithfulness of God over 141 years of Christian witness and are the oldest surviving Baptist church in the city. We take the Bible, God's infallible word, as our guide and honour Him in all that we do
Today, our regular congregation of around 100 spans a wide age range and includes, in term time, students from all parts of the country who come to the city to study at the University

Whilst our biblical stance remains constant, the way in which we present the Christian message has embraced technology that has been developing alongside us. The fact that you are reading this on our website is testimony to this
You can find details of our extensive weekly programme on the Home Page of this site or download our weekly Notice Sheet from the link at the bottom of the Home Page. We seek to serve the local community in any way that we can whilst retaining our primary purposes of Christian worship and Witness